My name is Shelby and I am the founder of The Neat Freak Co.

I am happy to see you here! This business was kind-of an accident; well, sort-of! Organizing has been a hobby that turned into a life-fulfilling business. Apparently, a lot of people need some professional organization in their lives (me included). I am a total neat freak and love organizing more than anything.

Elk Grove Professional Organizers | The Neat Freak Co.

“Neat + Repeat”
The Neat Freak Co. places a neat system into your space so that you can easily repeat it. Neat and Repeat. The real solution is in the system.

" I absolutely LOVE how Shelby was able to transform my room in just two phases! She made the process easy, enjoyable, and affordable! She hit the nail on the head with my taste in decor and made my room a magical place for me,"
- Laura


The Neat Freak Co. provides a range of services to fit your needs! If you want more information or wish to book any of these services, checkout our service page and read through the FAQs. If you have any questions, contact us and we can get you setup with a consultation! 

"I've used Shelby and have referred her to friends/family, she's amazing. I can leave her to do her job and come home surprised, relieved, and ready to move onto a new project! Five stars for this hard-working girl!"
- Tina

Professional Organizers, A clean and simply organized bathroom drawer.
Professional Organizers, two women work within a home sorting and organizing


Have any questions? Contact me anytime.

Professional Organizing in the Elk Grove area by The Neat Freak Co.