My name is Shelby and I am the founder of The Neat Freak Co.
The Container Store’s In Home Organizing¬†Partner

I am happy to see you here! This business was kind-of an accident; well, sort-of! Organizing has been a hobby that turned into a life-fulfilling business. Apparently, a lot of people need some professional organization in their lives (me included). I am a total neat freak and love organizing more than anything. I started organizing before I really even knew what that word “organize” meant. Fun fact: I use to dump out my grandma’s kitchen drawers and rearrange them for fun when I was a kid (*freak* remember). I also remember finishing class assignments early and asking the teachers if I could organize their desk drawers. (Maybe a teacher’s pet too? Ha.) I never thought years later that this would be my career, yet here I am! Never say never right? The joy of bringing functionality and clarity into all of my client’s homes is the best feeling of accomplishment. I hope that if you are struggling to find these feelings in your own home, I can help you get there. Everyone deserves a calm, relaxing place to come home to.

"The world is messy enough, let's make our homes NEAT."