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The Neat Freak Co. 

"Neat + Repeat"

The Neat Freak Co. places a neat system into your space so that you can easily repeat it. Neat and Repeat. The real solution is in the system. 


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Oh, Hey!


My name is Shelby and I am the founder of The Neat Freak Co.

Welcome, I am happy to see you here! This business was kind-of an accident; well, sort-of! Organizing has been a hobby that turned into a life-fulfilling business. Apparently, a lot of people need some professional organization in their lives (me included). I am a total neat freak and love organizing more than anything. I started organizing before I really even knew what that word "organize" meant. Fun fact: I use to dump out my grandma's kitchen drawers and rearrange them for fun when I was a kid (*freak* remember). I also remember finishing class assignments early and asking the teachers if I could organize their desk drawers. (Maybe a teacher's pet too? Ha.) I never thought years later, that this would be my business, yet here I am! Never say never right? The joy of bringing functionality and clarity into all of my client's homes is the best feeling of accomplishment. I hope that if you are struggling to find these feelings in your own home I can help you get there. Everyone deserves a calm, realizing place to come home to. The world is messy enough, let's make our homes NEAT. 


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"Shelby was just the motivation and help I needed to get my home organized.  It is amazing what a professtional can do all in a day's work. She took the stress of the process away and made me feel good about my space. Highly recommend her services."


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"I've used Shelby and referred her, she's amazing. I can leave her to do her job and come home surprised, relieved, and ready to move onto a new project! Five stars for this hard-working girl!"

- Tina

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" I absolutely LOVE how Shelby was able to transform my room in just two phases! She made the process easy, enjoyable, and affordable! She hit the nail on the head with my taste in decor and made my room a magical place for me,"

- Laura

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"Shelby, hands down not only understood my vision but also understood my needs. I was so overwhelmed with my children, work, and life in general I needed that extra push. Now that my house and garage is organized I feel like I can breathe again. Just the feeling of opening up my closet doors and seeing everything organized or walking past my laundry area and it's not a hot mess is so exciting." 


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